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The Ivy, Harrogate

The Ivy, Harrogate

Harrogate is my hometown, where I have spent countless times meeting up with school friends and spent many occasion celebrating events with my family. Other than Leeds, ¬†Harrogate is my second favourite place in Yorkshire to go for some delicious grub! It is fair to say I’m always eager to try something new in my town! After excitingly waiting a few months, the other night the opportunity finally arose that I got to go to the new opening of The Ivy in Harrogate.

Excitement overload.

On walking in the vibe is definitely restaurant. The concierge welcoming you, and taking your coats, whilst escorting you over to your table. The atmosphere is traditional quality dining, and the perfect place for a sophisticated get together or celebration. Not somewhere you could just walk in; being new, tables are often booked up at weekends so recommend booking in advance!

As my parents had been there prior to this visit they eagerly read out some dishes they thought I would like – Apple and Harrogate blue salad, Tempura Prawns, Chicken Milanese! I took matters into my own hands and selected the mushroom brioche for starter, however listened to their advice on the Chicken Milanese. Accompanied with a refreshing glass of Peach and Elderflower iced tea – which I could have drunk a gallon of!



After trying to be healthy this January a giant bowl of sourdough bread was very well received by myself! This bread was insanely good, its chewy crust with soft centre smothered in proper butter was the perfect start to this meal. As there was only three of us, and we didn’t want to be greedy, we asked for the remaining pieces to be boxed up for us – a treat to have with jam and butter in the morning!

The starter

The wild mushrooms on toasted brioche was presented as a thin slice smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce with grated truffle and Gran Moravia. The result was mouthwatering triumph – the brioche providing a sweet taste, whilst the cream and mushrooms established a rich taste. I would definitely recommend this, despite its richness it was very light and fell into the middle price range for starters.

The main course

In other restaurants I’m not usually a fan of the Milanese style dishes, often find them a little overwhelming with too much cheese and ham. This however was perfect – no cheese or ham, just simply beautifully cooked breaded chicken accompanied with a fried egg. The turning point for this dish for me was the truffle grated on top and truffle mayonnaise secretly dwelling under the fried egg on top. Absolutely delicious! The egg could have done being a little bit more runny for my liking, but the dish has overall become a new favourite of mine! We were asked whether we wanted sides with it, however would recommend just having this dish without them, it’s quite filling to eat all that protein! Once again this dish featured in the middle price range for main courses.

The dessert

Trying to be healthy this January has not been easy, but a treat here was a must, and what a treat indeed; Lemon meringue Alaska. Baked meringue with lemon ice cream, lemon curd sauce and baby basil, or in other words a-maz-ing! The layer of sponge at the bottom soaked up all the delicious lemon curd sauce, whilst the crusted baked meringue once broken into oozed with lemon ice cream. Despite being a pudding, it was in no way too dense and the lemon taste was a wonderful tasty pallet cleanse. The small sprigs of basil dotted around the plate worked very well with the lemon curd sauce. I did not leave a morsel… it was a perfect end to a perfect meal!

The verdict

I have no doubt I will be returning to The Ivy in Harrogate the near future to try out some other dishes I had my eyes on – Cannot recommend this establishment enough!

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