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Rome is like a lasagne…

Rome is like a lasagne…

Yes, you heard me a lasagne!

A few weekends ago we headed to this little place called Rome, you may of heard of it before! As much as this Italian city is steeped in ancient history, I was just extremely excited to eat all the traditional Italian dishes.



Our first night we felt rather adventurous, and after a few turns into unknown alleyways, we came across a quaint little authentic Italian, Fiaschetteria Beltramme. There we were sat out on the cobbled streets of Rome, feeling ravenous to say the least! We ordered ourselves a mezze platter for starters, which was a rich array of mouthwatering meats and cheeses. For main I went for truffle ravioli with crushed hazelnuts; creamy, rich and oh so truffly (I’ve just made that a word).


We had a lot of exploring ahead of us so a good breakfast was essential, or as the Italians call it Colazione! Going along with tradition, we started our day with a cafe latte and a cheeky slice of Nutella filled cake! By lunchtime came around we found ourselves at the glorious Pantheon, which is a former Roman temple and one of the most magnificent buildings I have ever been in. Scusate il Ritardo was the absolute perfect place to sit down and grab a bite to eat – or in my mind a massive pizza!! Freshly made pepperoni pizza for me and Luke went for the classic carbonara – which turned up in the bowl it had been made in!

You may be questioning the name of this blog post… but it does have reason. Our tour guide used the term ‘Rome is like a lasagne’ to explain many  archaeological layers of Rome. Well, once we heard her say it we knew this post had to be named that! One thing that was also a must…. I was having lasagne for dinner that evening! Osteria del Tempo Perso was the name of the lovely restaurant we went for the much longed for lasagne! Finished off with ice cream version of profiteroles, absolutely divine!


Our last day of discovering we took things a little slower and explored Vatican City. With only had a few hours left we went for lunch just over the road from our hotel. The name of the restaurant was Cantieri Bistrot, and as we knew this was our last experience of Italian food we truly went to town! Fresh bruschetta to start, followed by a pizza parmigiana (tomato base, parmesan, mozzarella, tears of basil and aubergine). Otherwise described as – my dream meal.

Now I hear what your thinking, where is the gelato?! Each night we passed a mile long queue into this traditional ice cream store, Gelateria La Romana. We knew this was the place to go. Following the crowds we devoured the best gelato I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating! I went for my classic combo – Chocolate & Pistachio. Whilst Luke for Banana & Caramel (I was slightly jealous not going to lie!) What was so special about this ice cream, was the cones were filled with melted chocolate of your choice – such a brilliant idea.

Despite it being such a short trip, we were able to see what this beautiful Roman city has to offer. It’s fair to say I’ve well and truly fallen in love, and tossing a Euro into the Trevi Fountain I’m crossing my fingers I will visit this magnificent city again soon!

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