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Where to Find Pancakes in Leeds

Where to Find Pancakes in Leeds

When the weekend arrives it means one thing… it’s time for pancakes!

Leeds’ has an endless list of where you can find delicious pancakes, from big chains like Frankie & Benny’s to independent cafes including if-coffee which I raved about in my last post.

However, dare I say it, I believe I have found where the tastiest ones in Leeds are created… Olive & Rye. This tiny coffee shop can be found in Queen’s Arcade. Now honestly I had never even heard of this place before this weekend, but after scouring the internet and my Independent Leeds guide, I fell upon this little beauty.

Olive & Rye window shot

We turned up at Olive & Rye and immediately we knew we had arrived somewhere good! Cakes galore decorated the shop’s window and shelves stacked with everything you would want to fill your pantry with. We arrived at 12:30 and told were told we had a 15 minutes wait for a table, you have to stay in the shop to wait, however this was okay as we were both deciding what would be our cake of choice! It took less then 10 minutes for us to be sat down, which was a tight squeeze but added to the cosy atmosphere (44 person seating area to be exact!)

Olive & rye cakes

Olive & Rye serves brunch all day, so we had no pressure to get our order in for a certain time, which makes everything a lot calmer meaning some serious food decisions can be made! The average price for brunch was £7.50 and the menu ranged from sweet dishes to those who fancy savoury. Just under 15 options for brunch, there is something for everyone, with dishes such as Brioche French Toast, Maple Syrup and Berries to Chorizo Baked Beans, Wensleydale Cheddar, Paprika, and Toasted Sourdough.

Olive & rye breakfast menu inc Pancakes & Waffles

There are two pancake options on the menu including:

Buttermilk Pancakes with Banana, Maple Syrup and Creme Fraiche

Buttermilk Pancakes with Salted Caramel, Vanilla Cream and Dark woods Expresso

I went for Banana because Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson is the ultimate weekend song! And they have earned the title (in my books) for the best pancakes in Leeds – I was served three and was able to eat the entire plate. The pancakes were light and fluffy with the perfectly tasty. I ordered for my drink a Olive & Rye Matcha, Honey & Apple Smoothie – which was very refreshing with a strong honey taste.

Olive & Rye Pancakes, Waffles & Beans

My partner in crime, Luke, on the other hand went for a coffee, apple juice and Fresh Waffles, Blueberries, Maple Syrup & Carmel Pecans. Alongside this he was tempted by the a brunch side (£2) of Chorizo Beans. Now, being the hungry lass I am I had to try these, and oh boy I’m so glad I did! These beans were incredible… so much flavour and big chunks of chorizo. This wonderful experience totalled up to just over £25, which is great value for the quality of food this restaurant served us that busy Saturday afternoon.

Waffles with blueberries

So first and foremost this place serves a lovely brunch, and insanely good pancakes! In addition, Olive & Rye had a lunch section of the menu which I am now super eager to try, all of which can be taken away when you are on the go.

Olive & Rye Logo

I will without a doubt be returning very soon in the near future!

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