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The Best Espresso Bar in Leeds, La Bottega Milanese

The Best Espresso Bar in Leeds, La Bottega Milanese

Lunchtime Treat

I’m convinced lunch with friends is where the majority of my money goes, and would even go as far as saying it is one of my favourite pastimes! Despite thinking I know Leeds like the back of my hand, the other day my work colleague suggested we venture to La Bottega Milanese for our lunchtime catch up. Whilst they had already eaten their lunch, my grumbling tummy was ready for some grub!

La Bottega Milanese - Espresso BarFood galore!

Just hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Park Row, lies this gorgeous little Italian cafe. Very cosmopolitan, with lots of people meeting friends and others sat working on their laptops, with a mood that is lively, chatty and welcoming. Walking straight over to the food counter I was greeted with lasagnes, flatbreads and pastas! Gazing over to the sweet section, and all I can see is a glass case packed full of canolis and other sweet treats – I’m in heaven.Ciabatta and Chorizo Sandwich - La Bottega Milanese Espresso Bar

Cannoli - La Bottega Milanese Espresso Bar

A decision is made

I ordered myself the Aubergine Parmigiana (one of my favorite dishes) for my lunch. This was served with a fresh salad on the side with a balsamic dressing. The overall dish was fantastic; a decent size portion for lunch and absolutely delicious.

Aubergine Parmigiana - La Bottega Milanese

I’d also selected two cannolis (because why not!) from their traditional patisserie section. The last time I ate a cannoli it was in New York nearly three years ago, which was given to us as a gift from a true Italian American – so my expectations were high! One cannoli I selected had a classic case with a pistachio filling, and the other (my particular favourite) had a peanut brittle case with a chocolate and vanilla filling. These were both 10/10 for deliciousness and naughtiness – I could have easily eaten a dozen more!

Coffee, Cake & Canoli at La Bottega Milanese

Deeper dive

La Bottega’s speciality is without a doubt their coffee. Despite not being a massive coffee drinker myself, next time I will definitely have to indulge in a cup. La Bottega Milanese offer specialty coffee to its customers which is roasted in Yorkshire freshly each week. Their mantra is ‘If it’s not from Italy, it’s from Yorkshire’ – which I love! Providing a decent cup of coffee in Leeds is actually the reason for the brand beginning way back in 2009!

La Bottega Milanese, Leeds

They don’t consider themselves as a restaurant but in fact a classic Milanese Espresso bar. La Bottega serve high quality Italian street food and coffee to the wonderful people of Leeds.

Where can I find this wonderful place?

Well there are actually two La Bottega Milanese in Leeds, the one I visited was on Bond Court, but there is also one in The Light if that is closer to you. I can’t actually wait to return and try more of their delicious produce! If you are looking for a place to catch up with your work colleagues over lunch or a cannoli with your mum, this is the perfect place to go.

La Bottega Milanese Menu - May 2018

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